It’s Only the Culmination and Union of Life-Long Dreams We are Talking About

Unless you are still looking for unforgettable ideas to pop the question, she has said, “Yes,” and you are now engaged. You are now entering into the often daunting phase of planning your wedding. After all,

It’s only the culmination and union of life long dreams we are talking about.

And not just for the bride and groom. It’s a big day for moms and dads, grams and gramps. Your best friends won’t just be there they will be a significant part of the ceremony. People will be traveling and gathering to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. It’s a big deal. Even if you are planning a small or private ceremony the to-do list is still there. While every wedding has similarities the planning that goes into them always differs in detail and scope. Let’s be honest engagements are a fluid situation. Ideas contract and expand, get tossed out, or get thrown in, all of the time.

Hopefully, future husbands and wife have touched upon all the big questions: Whether or not to have kids. Are we compatible in faith? Where to live. Costs. Whether or not to keep joint or individual bank accounts, etc. Finances and familial support influence your choices all the time including throughout the planning process.

Who can you count on to carry the bulk of responsibility included in all the necessary planning. Who do you want to shoulder the burden of getting things just right; to specifications? Who is to help coordinate any vendors involved? Who is going to help create a work of art out the marble of 1 love and its collective imagination?

The stress can be immense.

Organization is key in planning everything from floral arrangements and cuisine to décor and the guest list. Who will officiate? Which locations will best accommodate the expected number of guest’s who will provide the entertainment and hospitality all the while making the event intimate enough and personalized enough to remind us that the whole production is a matrimonial affair. It is going to take some skill. At the very least you should consult a wedding planner.

Fortunately Chicago area couples have a rich selection of venues, locations amenities, accessories and professional services to choose from. Dependent on your desired level of sophistication, the knowledge, experience, and personal touch of a wedding planning professional could prove the difference between wedding day dreams come true, and things that went wrong throughout the ceremony.

Understanding that no couple wants to hand over the planning completely, chemistry between the planner and our love birds is of unparalleled importance. To go from one loves vision to the architecture and atmosphere of intimacy and sentimentality requires a personable approach, a pension for romance, and a passion for the finer things in life.

Whether you want to exchange vows in a church, venue, or private home; whether you have your heart set on escaping in a limousine to paradise or dancing into the evening overlooking the iconic Chicago skyline, whether you are thinking something traditional or contemporary, authentic or trendy, Dream Weavers Wedding’s wants to help weave your dream wedding into the memory you’ve always imagined.