Tell Us Your Wedding Story

Do you have an interesting wedding story that you like to tell? Do you enjoy writing? Dream Weaver’s Weddings would like you to share your story on our site. Whether you were in the ceremony, at the ceremony, or in some way preparing for the grand event, and something magical, comical, unimaginable, anything other than typical happened, do share.

Dream Weaver’s Weddings is offering you a platform to tell your story. We want the good the bad and the ugly. Weddings are often ripe with drama. The pure emotions that evolve are often raw. Reality always plays far better than cinematic productions as it does not require the observer to suspend belief. We want your most heartfelt and honest reflections, your most cherished recollections. Whether the tale is of the story book type, or of a gathering that went down in a ball of flames, it is of an interest to our readers as well as our staff. As you may know, we can never be too prepared for the journey ahead.

Did the dock break during the post-wedding photo shoot sending the brides maids and groomsmen crashing into the lake? As a guest were you subjected to sitting next to a large bearded man, one who wrestles alligators out of swimming pools for a living, who wept so loudly during the nuptials you could hardly hear the exchange of vows? When the preacher uttered the words, “speak now or forever hold your peace,” did somebody kick open the chapel doors. We want to know what happened next. A honeymoon or travel fiasco. A great menu. How you managed all the elements of your wedding without losing all of your hair. Perhaps you came up with an elegant low cost idea that took your décor to the next level, or maybe you have a great technique for keeping your guests engaged. Was it the last family event before the passing of a loved one? This is all good stuff and relevant to our readers. Anything you feel comfortable sharing we want to pass on.

So how about you just write it and submit it to our site’s admin. If it strikes a chord, drops a jaw, if it sounds alarms or puts lumps in our throats and tears to our eyes, we want to share it with the friends and readers on our website.

So please, be our guest. We promise we will review and consider all submissions in a timely fashion.

Sincerely, Dream Weaver’s Weddings.